EPIC Celebrates Black History


Hair Love 2020

Ms. Forrester, Faculty Contributor

February is Black History Month however, it is important to acknowledge that every month is Black History month. The United States was built by the forced labor of Black men and women, and continues to benefit at the expense of Black people. Black culture is American culture and is embraced everywhere, from beauty aesthetics to music to literature to leadership.

EPIC South’s student body is predominantly Black and it is important that all of our students are exposed to contributions made by the Black community that go past the curriculum. While we are living in a time where we see a lot of injustice towards the Black community, we must remember to celebrate the accomplishments. Black History Month should be acknowledged and Black history should be celebrated year round.


For February 2022 the following Black History Month events are being held:

1) HBCU & You: Informational sessions with HBCU students and alumni – Wednesday 2/2, Monday 2/7 and Wednesday 2/9. Rooms vary, listen to morning announcements. Hosted by Ms. Forrester

2) HIP-HOP Debate Jay-Z vs Nas / Tupac vs Biggie – Friday 2/11,  Pd 6, Rm 449F. Hosted by Mr.Donohue & Mr.Santoro 

3) Racial Injustice in America – Monday 2/14, Pd 6, Rm 449F. Hosted by Student Council and Ms. Forrester

4) Black Men in Politics: Virtual meet & greet with Office of Cannabis Management Executive Director Chris Alexander –  Wednesday 2/16, Pd 6, Rm 449F. Hosted by Ms. Forrester.

5) Hair Love – Monday 2/28, Pd 6, Rm to be determined. Hosted by Ms.Forrester

6) Black History Film Festival – Pd 6, dates and locations to be determined.