Jaguar’s Play to Win

EPIC South Jaguars Basketball Team Recap: January 11th-15th


Tyler Carter

EPIC South Jaguars in a huddle.

Tyler Carter, Sports Editor

The EPIC South Jaguars went on a brutal stretch last week as they had four games in five days. The Jaguars, as they have all season long, prevailed and kept everything in check as they went 3-1. The Jags had two league games against Thomas Edison and John Adams, and two non-league games against Beach Channel, and the top double A Brooklyn division team the Grady Falcons. 

The Jaguars, in their two league games against Thomas Edison and John Adams, went 2-0 against both teams. Their first game against Thomas Edison was pretty much a one-sided affair as the Jaguars dominated Edison on both sides of the ball with great team chemistry and ball movement on offense, and having ferocious defense, as they beat Edison 74-56. The Jaguars game against John Adams, however, wasn’t as easy; it was a rough and hard-hitting game between two school rivals, as for the most part the Jaguars were struggling to get on a run against Adams. However, halfway through the 4th something clicked for the Jags as they went on a dominant scoring run to pull the game out of John Adams’ reach. The 57-49 victory improves their division best record to 8-1 as they now get their win streak to eight in a row. The MVPs for both games combined were Nakouma Dioubate(Senior) and Nyeri Wimpel(Senior) as they were the two leading scorers for the games. 

The Jaguars two non-league games were against two double A teams in Queens and Brooklyn as they won one game and lost one. They pulled off an upset win over Beach Channel as they beat them 56-49, but they weren’t so lucky against Grady as they were outplayed for the entire game. No fault to the team for losing that game, as it was their 4th game in 5 days and the players were probably very fatigued. The Jaguars’ have another brutal schedule this week but instead of having four games in five days, they have four games in a row. We will see if they can keep everything in check and hold onto their division best record when they go on this run.