The EPIC Advocacy Team


Ms. Kanhai, Ms. Brijmohan, and Ms. Ahmed celebrate Diwali in their finest attire.

Matthew Palermo, Faculty Contributor

Epic Advocacy Team LogoThe EPIC Advocacy Team is a club consisting of teachers and students collaborating together to make sure all voices are represented here at EPIC. The group came together last year to meet the need for a space to have discussions around challenging topics around which our community had strong feelings. 

Some of the events in the past, in addition to the ones you may have attended this school yeard, include “EPIC Talks Race” a panel made up of administration, students and teachers during Black History Month, “I Need a Shero” a panel on inspirational women during Women’s history month and “Eid at EPIC” where students and teachers alike were invited to dress up and share how they celebrate Eid while taking questions about the holiday. 

This school year we celebrated Diwali and hosted an LGBTQ+ panel with teachers and students sharing the importance of a supportive community to their experiences.

It is important to the team that we are not known only as a group in place for creating events, but also a space for candid discussions about issues impacting our school. Our mission statement is as follows;

Our mission is to bring about just change in our community while supporting the people of EPIC mentally and emotionally by providing a space for discussion that will lead to action.”

We meet every Monday in the mock courtroom (currently Mr. Skinner’s classroom). Should a student be interested in joining all they have to do is ask Mr. Palermo via email or in-person and they are welcome. There are no requirements to join beyond their commitment to respect the group and contribute in any way possible. 

Celebrating Diwali
Students and faculty celebrated Diwali.
Art from the LGBTQ+ Panel.
Student artwork was raffled off at the LGBTQ+ panel. Tree of Life by Natasha Fredericks