The Question of Dress Codes

Video by Malicai Peters, Phorani Persaud, Shamar Hassan, and Shanya Hodgson Alonzo

The Question of Dress Codes

Enjel Guzman Morel , Staff Reporter

Schools should have a dress code because when students will have a guide so they don’t feel uncomfortable because of the clothes they are wearing. If everyone follows the code, students won’t feel alone or that they are the different one. Students should be able to wear their favorite color shirts with the school logo or just the school color as a kind of uniform. This way it would make the uniform not as expensive so students can afford it.

I don’t think girls should be held to a different level of expectation in dress than boys. However, if they wear a skirt they should wear some sort of long or mid leggings as well, or some sort of pants like joggers or soft material pants. Everyone should be able to wear any type of jeans or pants, maybe in the school colors.

With all things considered, a dress code should be a school policy that students should feel comfortable following. Schools can make it easy for students who may not be able to afford expensive clothes to wear the uniform and not stand out. As well as making it comfortable and affordable for students to wear, there should be a way of letting students make their uniforms unique, such as wearing their favorite colored shirt or sweater with the school logo. With this, students will be more comfortable going to school as well as not being bullied by anyone which is a great issue in today’s world where it can happen anytime, and anywhere.