Opinion on Friendship in High School


Working together can make friendships that last a lifetime.

During the lockdown there were many people who said that students were missing out on the social experience of school. Epic South HS students weighed in on the importance of friendship to the high school experience.


Annalisa Mohamed – Sophomore

Friendships in high school are important because they make school more exciting and fun. You get to learn new things with each other and make jokes and do whatever friends do to have a good time. You get to experience things together and enjoy your high school years to the fullest. I think this because me and my friends always make jokes and have fun with each other and we even talk after school. This makes sure that we are enjoying our learning experience to the fullest and makes our friendships better. Friends can also help you understand your school work better if you ask them. And they can also ask you for help, so both of you are learning at the same time from each other. Your friends can be there for you in good or bad situations just like my friends are always there for me. And this is why I think friendships are important in your high school experience.


Andrew Ramdat – Junior

I feel like, for high school to be fun, having friends can be important. People can meet their long-time friends in high school. Sometimes important life lessons with friends can occur in high school. However, having friends can be both a positive and a negative thing. There are times when friends can be a distraction and you can get into trouble and be separated. This can affect the way you learn in class, it’s probably not good for paying attention. But those memories are important because you can look back and just laugh at that time.


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