Senior Tripping with Elisha


Elisha and her ROP group take to the trampoline.

Elisha Edwards, Photography Editor

March 25th EPIC seniors boarded a bus to take a 3 hour ride to Pine Ridge Ranch. Epic Voice Photography editor Elisha Edwards documented her trip.

The bus ride was around 3 hour ride since we left around 11:10am after checking the luggage. Compared to the other rooms that I saw, our rooms were quite small but comfortable and the food was not what I was expecting. The food there was awesome and tasty. It was a buffet where you can take anything you want and eat as much as you like. It was a blast.

The Pine Ridge Ranch was full of activities; there was a pool, horseback riding, archery, laser tag, paintball, and there was even an arcade. All of the students were having an amazing time. I got to hang with friends I’ve had for years  and we bonded by doing things together.