Holi Celebration For All


EPIC celebrates Holi

Ms. Ahmed, Faculty Contributor

As a junior high school student who had to scrub the powder stains off, Holi, or Phagwah as I know it, was something celebrated completely outside of the school building. Despite attending a school with black and brown students, many of whom were Hindu, we had unspoken celebrations of our holidays. However, this past Holi, Friday March 18th, that unspoken pride showed up loudly in the schoolyard of EPIC South. Because of staff and students who were not just tolerant, but celebratory of the culture of our students, we were able to enjoy the holiday together. 

The holiday of Holi is celebrated to mark the end of a long winter, and welcome the arrival of spring. Symbolically, it is a celebration of good over evil. The typical way of celebrating this day is to throw different colored powders at celebrants, some also use water, colored water, or balloons filled with water. 

If the whole world looked like EPIC South on Holi — with students of all colors and religions partaking, asking questions about the holiday, and more importantly, listening — imagine the power! This Holi I felt like the world itself could learn something from us; celebrating the diversity, celebrating the students we serve, and each other. The feeling of the EPIC family slowly rebuilding was palpable and hopefully the distance created by the pandemic cleared the way for something deeper.