Lunch Clubs Make In-Person School Worthwhile

Lunch and Learn With Friends


Dr. Mohan shares his love of music with a senior Hasnain Mirza in the Music Club.

After over a year of virtual/hybrid schooling, returning to the school building full time has had its ups and downs, but nothing has made the transition back to regular school more enjoyable than EPIC’s school clubs. Students get to select which club they want to join based on their own interests, and there are so many clubs to choose from that there’s bound to be a club for every student.

From Acting Club with Mr. Santoro and Ms. Forester, to K-Pop with Dr. Mohan, to Music Club with Mr. Barba, to Cooking Club with Ms.Duran, to Anime Club with Ms. Conley, the range of choices is vast. The clubs meet every day during lunch, though not every club meets every day. Students have the chance to get their lunch and then come back upstairs to go to their chosen club.  

According to Amelia Huntly, a freshman, Anime Club is “the best part of my day, to be honest.” Phorani Persaud, also a freshman, agreed with her. Sharing a passion for Anime and for games has led several students to join the Anime Club, which, along with the Cooking Club, is one of the most popular clubs this year. 

Dr. Mohan, principal of EPIC HS South, appreciates the importance of clubs for students. “As I walked around during the period,” Dr. Mohan explained, “I was so excited to see students enjoying their clubs, laughing, and building relationships with both their peers and teachers.“

Those relationships are the main benefit to clubs in school. According to the dean, Mrs. Peresztegi, you’re able to find students that have the same interest as you.” This shared interest can lead to lasting friendship. “You’re able to build friendships with peers that you maybe wouldn’t get to meet outside of your classes.”

In a recent poll almost half of students surveyed said they like going to clubs during lunch. When asked if clubs help students focus more during class, 54% said maybe it did, but a whopping 79% didn’t think joining a club should be mandatory. “It has to be a choice,” Junior Steven Diaz said.

So make a choice to join a club today. You may meet your next best friend, but if you join a club you’ll have something special to do during lunch.

Acting  Tues. Room 449
Anime  Tues. and Thurs. Room 423
Art  Fri. Room 443
Board Games  Wed. and Fri. Room 449J
Cooking  Wed. and Fri. Room 405
Dance  Mon. and Wed. Room 407
EPIC Advocacy Team  Mon. Room 423
HOSA  Thurs. Room 449F
K-POP  Mon. Room 419
Movie Club  Tues. and Thurs. Room 412E
Music Club  Wed. and Fri. Room 412E
Muslim Student’s Association (MSA)  Tues. and Fri. Room 449E
My Brother’s Keeper (MBK)  Mon. Room 405
My Sister’s Keeper (MSK)  Mon., Wed., and Thurs. Room 407
Newspaper  Tues., Thurs., and Fri. Room 439
Science Olympiad  Thurs. Room 442A
Scrapbooking  Tues. and Thurs. Room 449B
Sneaker Club  Wed. and Fri. Room 449F
The Evergreens  Tues. Room 450A
Video Games  Tues. and Thurs. Room 412A
Yearbook  Wed. Room 443

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