Respect for All Week

Student Ambassadors Build Community One Day at a Time


EPIC South Student Ambassadors with Ms. Gordon, center.

Pawaan Narain, Opinion Editor

During the week of February 14-18 we celebrated Black History Month with a Respect for All week. Organized by the Student Ambassadors under the guidance of Ms. Gordon, students from every grade participated in developing this week. Each day of the week was a different event; Monda was Valentine’s Day and My Sister’s Keeper hosted a bake sale, Tuesday was “Self-Love”, Wednesday was “Bully Proof”, Thursday was “Different but Equal”, and on Friday we celebrated “Inspiring Students to be Social Isolation disruptors.”

For each of these days for the morning announcements, students detailed what each day meant. For example, for “Self-Love ” Tuesday, Abigail Damberville sang “Future” by Billie Eilish. To end the week students went to their ROP class to eat pizza and get Respect for All t-shirts. At ROP students engaged in meaningful conversations with their peers on the problem of social isolation. 

Posters made by Elisha Edward a senior, Afsana Min a Junior, and Yuvraj Ranganadan a senior, promoted each day and celebrated the week. The Student Ambassadors are Afsana Mim, Anna Marie Ranganadan, Anthony Reddi, Elisha Edwards, Paawan Narain, Kimone Reid Jessica Achar, Talia Gordon, and Yuvraj Ranganadan.