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EPIC South Jaguars in a huddle
Jaguar's Play to Win
Tyler Carter, Sports Editor • January 17, 2022

The EPIC South Jaguars went on a brutal stretch last week as they had four games in five days. The Jaguars, as they have all season long, prevailed and kept everything in check as they went 3-1. The Jags had two league games against Thomas Edison and...

AJ+ Twitter Post on Student Walk Out
Student Voice is Heard
January 13, 2022

New York City Mayor Eric Adams stated, on Monday, that it would take six months to create a good virtual schooling option and that he was opposed...

EPIC College Fair
EPIC College Fair
Kimone Reid, Editor • December 13, 2021

After school, on November 17th, EPIC High School hosted its first College Fair in which students and their families were invited to join...

Tyler Macintosh
Tyler Macintosh
Mr. Donohue, Faculty Contributor • January 14, 2022

On the way back to school after a hard earned win against a team in a higher division than the Epic Jaguars, while his teammates were celebrating...

Star the Turtle
December 16, 2021

During Virtual School last year many students and teachers shared their pets in Google Meet. If you're missing that daily dose of cuteness or...